Every 2nd Wednesday of the month/ walking to school

Every second Wednesday of the month, we are unable to use the village hall so Mrs Osborne kindly lets us have space at the school.

The children have to carry their bags, lunchboxes, wellies etc themselves when we walk to the school so can we please ask that they have suitable size bags that they can manage, rucksacks are good because they can have them on their back, freeing up their hands to carry a lunchbox and hold a partner’s hand!. It would also be great if Sound of the week objects are small on those afternoons so we can pop them in their bag, if not we have to leave them in the cupboard at preschool. If they are unable to carry their bags, wellies etc we will be leaving them in the cupboard.

If anybody is able to help walk us down to the school at 1.20-1.30 we would be really grateful. Please seeDaisy or Theresa .

Thank you!

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